Terms and conditions of use



Rule 1, About the Payment:

1-1, Paypal, Paypal Visa (Including Paypal Masterd Card);

1-2, If you do not have Paypal Account, Please choose the Paypal, then Choose the Masterd Card, Visa.

If you make a payment in this way, a refund will occur, and the time it takes for the refund to arrive depends on the processing speed of your bank. Some may be in 5 days, some may be slower.

1-3, Please use a secure electronic device for payment, and please conduct a security check on the electronic device before shopping.

1-4, Our store has installed an SSL security certificate.

Rule 2, About the Address:

2-1, Must fill in complete, standard English address, including house number, street, city, state, country, (recommended to fill in the contact number).

2-2, Why recommended to fill the Phone number? Because, for example, the epidemic situation or special circumstances, the local post office is not convenient for delivery, or you need to notify you to pick up the package.

2-3, In some countries, the address does not have a door number, and it is self-pickup, so you must make sure that the address you fill in is correct, preferably a phone number.

2-4, Please fill in the correct zip code. In some countries, parcels are delivered according to the zip code. If the zip code is wrong, it may not be delivered.

2-5, We are based on the address you filled in our store. If you fill in the wrong address in our store, you will be responsible for all losses.

2-6, If you buy the electronic board, Servo, Transmitter, Battery, or the order including the electronic product, then, We Stronly recommended you fill the Phone number, because we need ship by the Special shipment way.

Rule 3, About the Refund:

3-1, If you need to cancel your order, please contact us within 24 hours.

However, we cannot guarantee that the package will be intercepted, because once the package is processed by the logistics company, it will not be able to intercept the package. If it cannot be intercepted, after you receive the package, you can choose to return the package, but you need to pay the return shipping fee, and we will pay the outgoing shipping fee.

Under normal circumstances, after the order is paid successfully, we will process the order quickly. So, please confirm before buying.

(Sometimes, we do not read your order cancellation request information in time, we will bear the shipping cost, and the returned shipping cost will still be borne by the customer (but it can be negotiated by both parties).)

3-2, If we ship the wrong product, we will resend it and we take all responsibility.

But, For upgraded metal parts, if it's just the wrong color, we will refund the shipping cost, no refunds will be accepted. This is very important, please pay attention.

(Of course, we don't intentionally post the wrong color. We will ship according to the color you choose, just considering that sometimes special circumstances lead to wrong color selection, so hereby declare, please understand. Or, if you are concerned that we sent the wrong color, please leave a comment. Please leave a message before payment, or leave a message within 12 hours after payment, or send an email.)

3-3, If we ship the wrong Address, we will resend it and we take all responsibility.

3-4, If you fill in the wrong address in our store and you cannot receive the package, you will be responsible for all losses. We as sellers will not be liable for any loss.

Please make sure you have filled in the correct delivery address in our store.

3-5, In principle, we do not accept returns for non-product quality issues. Because the remote control toy products we sell are special.

Returns are not accepted without the consent of our seller.

After negotiation between the two parties, it is agreed to return the package: Regarding the return of the package, if the customer wants to return the package for his own reasons, the customer needs to bear all the costs, including the shipping cost. After we receive the package, check the product and if there is no problem, it will be refunded, but the relevant shipping fee (including tax) will be deducted.

(Without our consent, the customer unilaterally returns the package, and the customer bears all losses.);

3-6, In other cases, if the buyer and seller negotiate and both parties agree to return the package, the relevant fees will be charged according to the negotiated conditions.

Rule 4, About the Tax:

4-1, For ordinary logistics methods, many countries are tax-free, but some countries charge taxes, such as 15%. Different countries have different customs import policies, please consult the local customs.

4-2, About the DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, For these commercial express, many countries need to pay tax, the tax rate is different, please consult the local customs, or local commercial express.

In addition, some countries require you to provide relevant proof, such as a passport, that is to say, you need to clear the package.

Different countries, normal is not the same, please consult the local customs, or local commercial express.

4-3, For commercial express, we strongly recommend that you fill in a standard, complete receiving name (official full name), and a complete standard address.

4-4, If you choose commercial express, such as DHL, please fill in the correct email address. If we find any special circumstances, we will contact you in time. If we cannot contact you, we will suspend the delivery.

Rule 5, About the Account:

5-1, You can register an account first and then make a purchase;

5-2, You do not need to register an account, you can also make direct purchases.

There is no difference in price between the two.

If you have a discount code, please fill it in when paying.

5-3, If you forgot the password, please leave a message to us.

Rule 6, About the Product missing, product quality problem:

6-1, If the product quantity is missing, we will re-ship the missing product. Or refund the corresponding amount.

6-2, If the product has quality problems, we will re-deliver it after confirmation by both parties. Or choose a full refund, negotiated by both parties.

6-3, However, in the case of matching electronics (completely purchased kits), once shipped, neither returns nor refunds will be accepted.

Please install and test as soon as possible within 3 days of receiving the package. If any electronic product is considered to have quality problems, we will re-issue a separate part after confirmation by both parties.

6-4, For non-electronic products or non-electronic parts, once shipped, in principle, neither returns nor refunds are accepted.

If you really need to return the package, after negotiation between the two parties, if our seller agrees, you can return the package, but you are responsible for returning the package and paying the return shipping cost, including customs duties. When we receive the returned package, after inspection, there is no problem, we will process the refund, but we need to deduct the corresponding shipping cost.

Rule 7, About the logistic issue:

7-1, All parcels have a logistics tracking number, and you can check the logistics information online. (In special cases, only part of the information can be queried for individual logistics information.)

7-2, If we do not send you the tracking number in time, please contact us by letter.

7-3, Under normal circumstances, after the logistics information is updated, the delivery is generally successful within 10-40 working days.

However, due to the epidemic, or other factors, it may be delayed. need to be combined with the actual situation.

We cannot absolutely guarantee, nor can we promise a delivery time.

7-4, After the package is dispatched, if the package is not received within 90 days, or the logistics information is not further updated. We will re-ship. Special circumstances, such as natural disasters and other uncontrollable emergencies, will be negotiated separately.